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“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) 

I’ve looked at six other translations but none says it better than the old King James Version. Faith is fixed on  hope as the provider of certainty and conviction about something not yet seen. Hope that shines from the  future into our present to illuminate our Christian faith. Faith in our God that will not let moments of  despair weaken our assurance in the Lord’s promises to never leave or forsake us (Heb 10). 


The struggles of 2020 may be behind us but it is the Hope for 2021 which must sustain us now. Let us hold  fast with St. Paul in Romans 8 “that God works all things together for good,” and from Philippians 1 that it  is “God’s purpose to finish the good work He began in Christ to redeem all things.” Both echo Isaiah 49 that  pain and suffering make it difficult “but when we pin our hopes on God and not man for the best possible  outcome, we will not be disappointed.” 

After a year of Pandemic fears and a year of political rancor unseen in my lifetime, these are the times that  try men’s souls. So we will continue my sermon series through February examining the “Soul” in what  seems unrelenting times. This Sunday to emphasize “things hoped for” – God’s Will in our soul and the soul  of a nation. We will be looking for Hope each week just as we listen for the Good News in each message.  

Grace and Peace 

- Larry - 

Lowrie J. Welton, Pastor 

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We are successfully continuing our inside worship  services. This phased opening is exciting for all and will continue with our traditional worship service in the sanctuary and streaming available in the fellowship hall. Our live streaming will now go straight to our You Tube channel . Sunday school and the nursery will be opened at a later date.

As a reminder, the CoVid-19 Response Committee was tasked with how to respond to the CoVid pandemic in a manner that maintains the health and safety of our congregation. This committee has met and discussed CoVid plans numerous times since inception. The committee has spent hours viewing government, local and school policies regarding CoVid-19. The committee has also looked at their own practices in their respective medical professions for guidance. The following recommendations have not be taken lightly.

  1. Masks are mandatory and social distancing will be in effect. A maximum of 50 people will be allowed in the sanctuary. An additional 30 people may be seated in the fellowship hall.

  2. Families will sit together throughout the sanctuary and
    fellowship hall in a manner that maintains social distancing.

  3. All entrances will be open. Members will be dismissed
    in a controlled manner by rows and directed to their exit
    by ushers. Six feet of separation is encouraged at all times.

  4. Offering plates will be available as you exit the service.

  5. There will be no singing at this time. Instrumental
    music will be provided during the service.


You should not feel any pressure to join Ashford Methodist in our indoor service. This is a personal decision for each member and family. Please continue to support each other and to pray for our church, our community, and for our leaders.

Pastor Welton, the care team, and the entire congregation
is available for support, encouragement, and prayers.



Thank you for continuing to support Ashford financially. We are blessed to be able to continue to support our missions, service people, and ongoing church expenses.

Ashford now has a PayPal account. If you choose to use PayPal, please use the donate button below.

As always, checks can be mailed to P. O. Box 344, Watkinsville, GA 30677.


SUNDAY EVENING LADIES BIBLE STUDY  will meet on Sunday  evenings at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom. The name of the study is  Revelation: Extravagant Hope, by Margaret Feinberg. If you’d  like to participate, email Ellen Elder.

MONDAY MORNING LADIES BIBLE STUDY will meet on Monday mornings at 10:00 a.m. The name of the study is "Matchless" by Angie Smith. We will meet in the church fellowship hall with masks and socially distanced. If you have any questions, please contact Beth Kraps.

ASH WEDNESDAY SERVICE will be held on Wednesday,  February 17th at 7:00 p.m. All Sunday morning COVID  protocols will be followed.

CARE TEAM will meet Wednesday, February 24th at 10:00 a.m. in the fellowship hall.


Please don't forget to complete the Sunday  School survey that went out earlier this week

CHILDREN'S BAGS are on the back pew with crayons,  stickers, and coloring sheets if your child would like to use  them during the service. Please keep the crayons in the bag  and return the bag to the pew when the service is over.


Julianne Blackburn leads AMMY each week on Sunday  evenings. If you have any questions about AMMY please email Julianne.

AMMY will be going ice skating this Sunday, February 7th from  3:00-4:15 p.m. at the Classic Center. Drop off and pick up at the  Classic Center (300 N Thomas St Athens, GA 30601).  Please RSVP to Julianne by Friday, February 5th at NOON.


Ashford Memorial Methodist actively supports many local and international missions. You can view our recent and upcoming activities in our February Missions Newsletter.

Contact our missions coordinator to find out how you can help.


February 23: Annual Family Promise of Athens La Table fundraiser

March 27: ACTS volunteer opportunity

April 18 – 24: Family Promise hosting week

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