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Ashford Memorial Methodist Church has an opening for our Senior Pastor position.


“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32 (NIV)

Fear not. Do not be afraid. Have not fear. So many ways to say “phobeo” or phobia from the Greek, fear in English, and we are counseled not to live in it according to Scripture. Someone counted 365 times the equivalent of “fear not” is found in the Bible. While I cannot verify this number, I can attest to the almost daily frequency that worry, anxiety, dread, and foreboding can emerge – especially in these days of the Coronavirus. Jesus’ remarks come in a passage devoted to all things worry: food, clothing, quantity and quality of life...”all such things your Father knows that you need them.” (Lk 12:30) His concise solution is to “seek first His Kingdom and all these things will be given you as well.” Protection from disease and better health are also things in my mind that fall under the category of “treasures” Jesus says we can have on earth. But like the possessions “thieves can break in and steal,” we are not to fret over viruses and cancers that can corrupt and destroy. Instead, we’re advised to build up treasure in heaven that cannot be taken from us nor lost.

Faith is the antidote for fear. So let us not fall victim to the fear of disease but “trust the Lord with all our heart” as Proverbs 3:5 suggests. Then, by seeking the treasures of the kingdom, Jesus concludes “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Do not be afraid. Believe the Good News.

Grace and Peace,
- Larry -
Lowrie J. Welton, Pastor

Palm Sunday 2020
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
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2019 Easter Cantata Service


Ashford Memorial Methodist actively supports many local and international missions. You can view our recent and upcoming activities in our April Missions Newsletter.

Contact our missions coordinator to find out how you can help.


In response to federal and state guidelines, recommendations, and mandates, it seems unavoidable that we will have no church services or other church gatherings for an undetermined period of time. We will continue to worship with you through email and audio recordings. We are supporting our missions as usual, the youth group and a bible study group are continuing with virtual meetings.


During this time it is very important that we continue to financially support our missions, service people, and ongoing church expenses. We know that many of you are being negatively impacted financially by this pandemic just as the church is being affected. For those of you who are able, please continue to support Ashford with your tithes and offerings. If you are not currently able to support financially, your prayers are just as important.


We understand that some of you may currently be struggling financially, physically, emotionally, or spiritually during these trying times. Please be reminded that just because the doors of the church may be locked, the house of the Lord will never be closed, certainly not by this virus. Even if we cannot visit in person, Pastor Welton, the care team, and the entire congregation is available for support, encouragement, and prayers. Your church family is here for you.


Pastor Welton is available by phone at (706) 338-4323 and email at ashfordpastor@bellsouth.net.


Ashford now has a PayPal account. If you choose to use PayPal, please send your payment to ashfordchurch@bellsouth.net. Please choose to send as a "friend." As always, checks can be mailed to
P. O. Box 344, Watkinsville, GA 30677.


Emails went out this week to the congregation in regards to the search for a senior pastor. Those emails had attachments of the advertisement flyer and job description. We are advertising the position on several "church job" websites, but the most effective tool we have to advertise in a meaningful way is for all of us in the congregation to spread the word ourselves. Please forward the email to anyone and everyone that you think could help us reach candidates. Thank you!

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