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Mail-in Tithes and Offerings

Other than the general fund, there are many opportunities for you to contribute to an area that interests you at Ashford. If you would like to contribute to the general fund or any of these special funds listed, please mail your check to the church at P.O. Box 344, Watkinsville, Georgia 30677.

Online Tithes and Offerings

Ashford now has a Pushpay account. If you choose to donate electronically, please scan the QR code or use this link.

Memorial Fund

Memorial gifts and honorary gifts may be made to the church. A preference for the use of the funds may be expressed and subject to the approval of the Board shall be followed as nearly as possible. All undesignated funds shall be used as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.


Music Ministry

These gifts allow the music department to continue to improve and expand the music program beyond the budgeted allowance.


Youth Program

These gifts allow the purchase of additional resources for our youth group and to expand their work and activities outside the church.

Pencil Fund

This fund was established in 1983 when the need was expressed by an elementary school child for a pencil. These funds are distributed by the Pastor for small needs of people in the community such as a tank of gas or a utility bill. Traditionally this contribution is left on the altar during our quarterly communion, but donations are gratefully accepted at any time.


Genny Hargrove Fund

Genny Hargrove's husband established this fund at the time of her death in 2010. These funds, like the Pencil Fund, are distributed by the Pastor for larger needs than expended by the Pencil Fund.


ROE - Restoration Obligation Eradication

Several years ago when the exterior of the church underwent extensive renovation, the church's overall financial obligation was substantially increased.  To satisfy part of that obligation, all funds designated for ROE are applied directly to principal reduction.

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